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Corporate Governance Policy

SJSC “State Real Estate” has established a council in accordance with the law; one of its tasks is to approve the most important policies, which define the company's operating principles related to risk management, prevention of conflicts of interest, anti-corruption, corporate governance, etc.

SRE has a Corporate Governance Policy approved by the Company's Council. Its aim is to define the principles, in accordance with the common OECD guidelines for the governance of state-owned companies, for measures to achieve and monitor the operational objectives of SRE, as well as to assess and manage the risks associated with the company's operations.

In accordance with the principles of corporate governance of SRE, a corporate governance model has been developed, which includes the following elements:

  • transparency and openness;
  • clear roles, duties and responsibilities;
  • ethics and prevention of conflicts of interest (also see the section “Corporate ethics”);
  • current company policies (remuneration, risk policy, etc.);
  • sustainable and responsible business;
  • company values and internal culture;
  • qualitative processes (also see the section “Quality policy”);
  • thoughtful stakeholder relations (also see the section “Sustainability”);
  • Effective internal control environment (also see section “Corporate ethics”).

Corporate Governance Policy