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About the company


To be a caring owner who preserves and increases the value of the state real estate.


A smart environment for the general public and modern public administration.




Our business processes are transparent and we are dynamically evolving to strengthen the future competitiveness at the national, industry and company level. We solve problems openly and explain them to the public. We are open to initiatives by the customers, the general public and employees.



We are experts and share our knowledge. We offer smart solutions to achieve our customers' goals. We take responsibility for our decisions and achieving our goals.



We build long-term cooperation with our customers, the general public and employees based on mutual trust, keeping promises and openness towards each other. We choose simple, straightforward and convenient ways of communication and cooperation.



We care about the safety of our employees and society in general. We believe that everyone has the right to come home safely after work. We have set high standards of safety and are creating a safe environment in our offices, construction sites and managed properties. This also applies to the construction of objects of public importance. We are striving for a zero accident culture.



Our employees are our greatest asset, and this is why their health is so important to us. Ergonomic workplaces, smart safety measures, flexible working hours – we do everything possible to minimise the risk of accidents, to prevent occupational diseases and to give people time to take care of their health.

Business directions

1994 - On the basis of the State Enterprise Department of the Ministry of Finance and the State Economy Department, the state institution “State Property Fund” was established.

1996 - On the basis of the liquidated state institution “State Property Fund”, the state joint-stock company “State Real Estate Agency” was established.

1997 - SIA “Mežotnes pils” was founded (SRE - 100% share owner).

1998 - SIA “Igates pils” was founded (SRE - 100% share owner).

2004 - The name of the Company was changed – State Joint-Stock Company “State Real Estate”.

2007 - SIA “Biznesa centrs Zaķusala” was established (SRE - owner of 5% shares, in 2009 after the increase of the share capital, when SRE did not exercise the pre-emptive right, the impact decreased to 3.13%).

2008 - As a result of reorganisation, SJSC “Diplomātiskais serviss” (former SJSC “Diplomātiskā servisa aģentūra”) was added, thus SRE instead of SJSC “Diplomātiskais serviss” became a member of SIA “Diplomātiskā servisa medicīnas centrs” (SRE - 49.55% shareholder).

SIA “Biroju Centrs Ezerparks” was established (SRE - owner of 31.5% shares).
SIA “Veselības apdrošināšanas nekustamie īpašumi” was established (SRE - 100% share owner).

The name of SIA “Mežotnes pils” was changed to SIA “VNĪ pilis” (SRE- owner of 100% shares).

2009 - As a result of reorganisation, the SJSC “NAMS-FM” was added.

2010 - The operation of SIA “VNĪ Investīcijas” (formerly SIA “Igates pils”) was terminated.

2011 - 3.13% of the shares of SIA “Biznesa centrs Zaķusala” owned by SRE were disposed of; 49.55% of the shares of SIA “Diplomātiskā servisa medicīnas centrs” owned by SRE were disposed of.

2015 - Changes were made in the share structure of SIA “Biroju Centrs Ezerparks”, SRE became the owner of 100% of shares.

2016 - In accordance with the OECD recommendations for the State of Latvia and the decision of the SRE shareholders' meeting, the Council of SRE was appointed.

The operation of SIA “Veselības aprūpes nekustamie īpašumi” was terminated.

2017 - The operation of SIA “Biroju Centrs Ezerparks” and SIA “VNĪ pilis” was terminated.

The new Board of SRE begins its work, the company's medium-term operating strategy for 2018-2022 was prepared.

2018 - Approved medium-term operating strategy for 2018 - 2022, SRE became a customer-orientated company.

2019 - SRE moved to a new work environment model and moved to an activity-based office at Talejas iela 1.

Non-financial reporting was started, the first Sustainability Report of the SRE was prepared.