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The purpose of the terms of use of the SJSC “State Real Estate” website is to provide website users with information on:

  1. the general principles of operation of the site and the procedure for use;
  2. the rights and obligations of Users, when using the Website;
  3. the responsibilities and rights of SRE in relation to the management of the operation of the Website and the information placed on it;
  4. the procedure for the registration of Registered users and its cancellation.


2.1. Website - SRE website,

2.2 Institution - a public person, a capital company of a public person, a capital company in which the share of a public person in the share capital individually or in total exceeds 50%, also a capital company in which the share of one or more public persons in the capital exceeds 50% and which in accordance with the requirements of legal acts, place advertisements on the Website regarding the alienation, lease and rental of real estate/movable property owned and managed by it,
2.3 QMS - quality management system,

2.4. User - any natural or legal person (its representative) who uses the services provided by the Website, visits the Website and/or publishes the content on the Website,

2.5. Terms - terms of use of the SRE website,

2.6. Registered user - a user of the Website who, on the basis of a relevant application of the Institution, has created a website user account for placing advertisements for the alienation, rental and leasing of real estate/movable property owned and managed by the relevant Institution,

2.7. SRE – the State Joint Stock Company “State Real Estate”.


3.1. The website is a website maintained by SRE, the aim of which is to provide any interested party with the most up-to-date information about SRE, about the projects implemented by SRE, current procurements, communication opportunities.

3.2 The website provides the placement of advertisements of the Institutions on the alienation, rental and leasing of real estate/movable property owned and managed by them, in accordance with the requirements set by the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

3.3. The content of the website is created and maintained in Latvian. SRE also provides a translation of certain sections of the website content into English and Russian.

3.4. Each user of the Website is obliged to read and comply with the Terms (including changes to the Terms).

3.5. A registered user may only start using the Website after the Website receives confirmation from the user that it has read the Terms (changes to the Terms).

3.6. SRE has the right to amend and supplement the Terms at any time. Changes to the Terms take effect upon their publication on the Website.

3.7. Users can upload information/materials that meet the following requirements on the website - File formats supported by the website: .docx .xlsx .pdf .jpg .png, .odt, .ods, maximum size of one file: 3 MB.

3.8. The user of the Website may not post information/materials that incite violence, racial hatred or other illegal activities.

3.9. The user of the Website is not entitled to process personal data on the Website in breach of “REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)” (hereinafter - the Regulation) and other regulatory enactments that ensure the protection of personal data.

3.10. The user of the Website is prohibited from performing any actions aimed at disrupting the operation of the Website or increasing security risks.

3.11 The User of the SRE Website, depending on the nature or consequences of the violation, may be called to civil, administrative or criminal liability specified in regulatory enactments for non-compliance with the Terms.

3.12 . In order to use all the possibilities of the Website, the following internet browsers and mobile operating systems are recommended:

Internet browsers Google Chrome version 86.0 and up
Mozilla Firefox version 78.0 and up
Microsoft Edge version 89.0 and up
Safari version 13 and up
Opera version 74.0 and up
Internet Explorer 11 version
Mobile device operating systems Android OS (5.0 or later)
iOS (11th or later)

3.13. Website is available to Users online 24 hours a day. Temporary interruptions of the site related to the maintenance, servicing and improvement of the system are allowed.

3.14. The user has the opportunity to report a detected problem, error or deficiency in the operation of the Website by writing a relevant e-mail to or by calling the SRE customer service 24-hour phone number 80002000.


4.1. To ensure advertisement deployment and management, SRE provides the creation of Registered user accounts, in compliance with the conditions, which are available at:

4.2. Registered users are provided with access details to access the Website, which consists of a portal user name consisting of the respective user's e-mail address and password.

4.3. A registered user password is assigned subject to the following security requirements:

4.3.1. the password is valid for no more than 90 days;

4.3.2. the last 5 already used passwords cannot be used when changing the password;

4.3.3. if the password of the Registered user's account is entered incorrectly five times in a row, this account is immediately blocked;

4.3.4. the password consists of at least 9 characters;

4.3.5. the password contains at least one uppercase letter of the Latin alphabet and a lowercase letter of the Latin alphabet, as well as a number or special symbol.

4.4. In order to receive access details for placing advertisements on the SRE website, the Institution shall submit SRE a completed application form for the creation of access rights. The application form to be submitted is available at:

4.5. The Institution may submit the application to SRE electronically by signing with an electronic signature, sending it by post to the legal address of SRE or in person at any of the SRE customer service centres.

4.6. Access details are only granted to the contact person(s) named in the application of the Institution.

4.7. The application may be submitted by an official of the Institution acting within the framework of the powers granted by law, the Articles of Association or the Regulations of the Institution, or its authorised representative, enclosing a document certifying the right of representation, if it is not publicly available.


5.1. The Registered user has the following obligations:

5.1.1. not to disclose and/or transfer the access details granted to it to other persons;

5.1.2. to change the user's password in accordance with the requirements of the Terms after its expiration date;

5.1.3. to immediately inform SRE in cases when the granted access details have become known to another person, notifying SRE in the form of an e-mail to the address:;

5.1.4. take full responsibility for all activities performed on the Website with the access details assigned to it;

5.1.5. when posting information on the Website using the granted access properties, ensure that: the information is true and contains the correct data; the information is up-to-date and placed in the relevant section of the website; the information has been entered and is managed, including deleted, in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments in force and does not exceed the regulation and conditions thereof defined by them; the information is prepared in a grammatically correct manner and does not contain grammatical deficiencies; the information does not contain any kinds of insults or unjustified restrictions that arise from the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia in force; attachments do not contain executable files (for example, * .exe, * .com, * .shs, * .vbs); when scanned documents are entered, they are anonymised by obscuring the data of natural persons.

5.2. The Institution is obliged to:

5.2.1. inform SRE about the blocking of the user's rights if the employment relationship with the institution is terminated or the user's job responsibilities are changed and as a result access to the Website is no longer necessary;

5.2.2. inform SRE about changes in the user's contact information.

5.3. The Institution, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, is the controller of personal data processing related to the information to be published and is responsible for the processing of this data, observing the requirements for personal data processing and protection specified in the Regulation and the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

5.4 The Institution shall process personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation, respecting the principles of personal data processing set out therein and identifying at least one lawful justification for the processing of personal data set out in Article 6(1) of the Regulation.


6.1. SRE provides management of the Website, creation and management of Registered User accounts.

6.2 SRE ensures the creation or unblocking of the registered accounts of the Website no later than within 5 (five) working days after receipt of the relevant application.

6.3. SRE does not take any responsibility for the information posted on the Website, which is posted there by registered users of other institutions.

6.4. Upon establishing cases when the registered user does not comply with the provisions of Paragraphs 3, 4 and/or 5 of these Terms, SRE may, without prior approval:

6.4.1. block the respective user account;

6.4.2. delete the information entered by the relevant user;

6.4.3. impose an obligation to update the information entered.

6.5. SRE has the right to block registered users, who have not logged in and have not used the functionality of the Website for a period of 12 (twelve) months without prior approval.

6.6. SRE has the right to block users whose contact information provided on the Website is incorrect without prior consent.


7.1. SRE does not collect Website users' personal data, apart from the information which the Institution submits to SRE (such as submitting the application for creation of the right of access) or the Website user voluntarily transfers itself (such as filling out a vacancy or internship application (see also SRE KVS N 8 Data protection rules in the employee selection process), by applying for news from SRE or by submitting an application, suggestion, claim or report on dishonesty). Any information received by SRE through the Website in this way is forwarded to the addressee (the unit of SRE responsible for the matter) and is only used by SRE for the purposes for which the information was submitted. More detailed information on the processing of personal data by SRE is described in the SRE Personal data protection policy.

7.2. The Website uses cookies, which are necessary for the management of registered user sessions and user authentication, including to identify attempts at unauthorised access, to obtain and analyse statistics on the use of the Website in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the Website based on analysis of the Website user activities. More detailed information about the cookies used on the Website is available in the Cookie Terms of Use.


8.1. The website is the property of SRE. All creative developments found on the Website, including design and software code, are the property of SRE and are the object of copyright, and it is protected in accordance with the procedures specified in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

8.2. Reproduction or commercial use of materials, images and information published on the website without the consent of SRE is prohibited.

8.3. The content of the website may only be quoted if a reference is made to the source from which this information was obtained.




The rules for the use of cookies have been developed in accordance with the regulatory enactments regulating the protection of personal data and the Personal data protection policy of SJSC State Real Estate (hereinafter - SRE) and they determine the purposes and legal basis for the use of cookies used on the SRE website and also the rights of visitors to the SRE website to change and choose the use of cookies.


2.1 SRE – the State Joint Stock Company “State Real Estate”.

2.2. SRE website - the website of the State Joint Stock Company “State Real Estate”

2.3. Cookie - A small encrypted text file that is stored on a visitor's computer or mobile device via a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) when you visit the SRE website. Each time you visit the site, the cookie is sent back to the SRE's website, which recognises it. The cookie acts as a memory for the SRE website, allowing the website to remember the visitor's computer or mobile device the next time you visit the website, including a cookie that can remember the visitor's individual settings or help improve the website experience. Additional information about cookies, including information on how to manage or delete them is available at


3.1. The Terms and Conditions are binding on all SRE employees involved in the development, maintenance and administration of the SRE website.

3.2. The SRE personal data protection specialist is responsible for monitoring the implementation of these regulations.

3.3. The rules apply to all visitors of the SRE website.


4.1. Cookies are used on the SRE website.

4.2. The SRE website uses cookies for the following purposes:

4.2.1. for registered user session management and user authentication;

4.2.2. The cookies used on the SRE website can be used to identify unauthorised access to website data that is not publicly available;

4.2.3. For the collection and analysis of statistics on the use of the SRE website, in order to ensure continuous improvement of the website based on an analysis of the activities performed by the visitors to the SRE website.

4.3. Use of functional cookies:

4.3.1. Functional cookies help make the website usable by providing basic features such as page navigation and access to secure places on the website;

4.3.2. A website without functional cookies cannot function fully, so its use is mandatory for the visitors of the SRE website.

4.4. Use of Google Analytics cookies:

4.4.1. The SRE website uses cookies created by the Google Inc. program Google Analytics, which allow one to analyse the activities of visitors to the SRE website;

4.4.2. The information collected by Google Analytics about user activity on the SRE website is sent to Google Inc. servers abroad (servers may be located outside the European Union) and are stored there;

4.4.3. The IP addresses of visitors to the SRE website are abbreviated in the European Union and the European Economic Area using IP-anonymisation and may only be transferred to Google Inc. servers for processing in exceptional cases;

4.4.4. According to Google Inc. Terms of Service ( and Google Analytics Terms of Service ( Google Inc. uses this information to provide SRE with information about users' activities on the website and to provide other services related to the use of the website.

4.5. Cookies, that are used on the SRE website:

Title Objective Cookie type Location (expiration date) Origin
XSRF-TOKEN User session identification Functional Until the end of the visiting session
cookies_accepted Consent to the use of cookies Functional Until the end of the visiting session
accessibility_font_size Possibility to use increased letters Functional Until the end of the visiting session
_gat Compilation of site traffic statistics Statistics data cookie 1 Minute Google Analytics
_ga Compilation of site traffic statistics Statistics data cookie 2 years Google Analytics
_gid Compilation of site traffic statistics Statistics data cookie 24 hours Google Analytics

4.6. By visiting the SRE website, the visitor is informed about the use of cookies, including these terms. The use of cookies (excluding functional cookies) on the SRE website is only initiated with the consent of the relevant visitor of the SRE website. Accordingly, the legal basis for the use of cookies (other than functional cookies) is the consent of the visitor to the SRE website. Functional cookies are used on the SRE website based on the legitimate interests of SRE, therefore the consent of the website visitor is not required for their use.

4.7. Opting out of cookies:

4.7.1. Visitors to the SRE website may revoke their consent to the use of cookies at any time via the Revoke Consent link on the SRE website;

4.7.2. Visitors to the SRE website may opt out of the Google Analytics cookies by downloading and installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on additional tool. This add-on communicates with the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to indicate that information about the website visit in question may not be sent to Google Analytics;

4.7.3. Visitors to the SRE website may change the web browser settings on their computer or mobile device to opt out of new cookies, turn off existing cookies, or receive information about sending new cookies to the computer or mobile device used to visit the website (additional information on cookie management is available at;

4.8. SRE is the controller of the personal data processing related to the operation of the website. Persons interested in issues related to the processing of personal data may contact the SRE data protection specialist by writing to SRE by e-mail at or by sending their question to the SRE legal address Talejas iela 1, Riga, LV-1010, with the indication “Data Protection Specialist”.

4.9. SRE Cookie Terms of use are available on the SRE website.

410. SRE has the right to unilaterally make additions to the Terms of use of Cookies by posting the current version on the SRE website. SRE retains previous versions of the rules and they are available to visitors to the SRE website.