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Construction Supervision


Quality of construction


Risk management


Financial savings

Representation of the customer's interests

Each customer wants to receive a quality construction, which they have wanted during the development of the project and which is built in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments.

Construction supervision provides a fair and professional representation of the customer’s rights and interests during the construction works, as well as it prevents violations. Namely, construction supervision helps to prevent unauthorised deviations from the approved construction project or from the work performance technologies specified in the project, as well as violations of regulatory enactments.

Being the largest developer of construction projects in the public sector, SRE is dedicated to strengthening the quality of the construction supervision at the industry level. We are working to establish common guidelines for the construction supervision process, increase the apprehension of construction customers about a quality construction supervision service, introduce mechanisms for the quality control of contract fulfilment and responsible action of the customer in the case of violation.

High-quality construction supervision allows one to gain confidence in the quality of construction work, as well as society can be sure of the fair and rational use of public funds. Construction supervision is performed in all objects of SRE; in strategically important and high complexity projects - internal construction supervision, in other projects - using outsourcing.

Construction supervision from the idea to construction site

SRE requirements for construction supervision - both for internal and external services - are higher than specified in regulatory enactments. Internal construction supervision is carried out in accordance with the good practice of industry. To ensure the quality of the construction supervision process, the company employs experienced industry professionals.

Internal construction supervision allows one to obtain an objective view of the ongoing construction works, as well as confidence in the development of the project and the progress of construction works. As a customer of construction works, SRE learns about the problems and risks in a timely and fast manner, as well as obtains detailed information about defects, their causes and can forecast the deadlines for the execution of works. It is also possible to inform the customer of the project about any identified problems. As a result, SRE can manage construction funding more efficiently.

When the internal construction supervision is carried out, SRE specialists are already involved from the moment when the evaluation of a strategically important or very complex project begins. Namely, in the most important projects, the selected solutions are audited and risks are assessed even before the start of construction works and construction supervision.

While in cases when a construction supervisor is outsourced, detailed technical specifications for construction supervision procurement have been developed. Thus, already in the procurement process, construction supervisors have clear customer requirements for the realisation of construction works and the involvement of the necessary specialists. Namely, both the customer and the contractor are timely informed about the terms of the work to be performed.

Building surveillance guidelines