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Work Safety


Risk management


Responsible action


Safe workplace environment

Work safely! Someone waits for you at home!

Work safety is one of the values and operational priorities of SJSC “State Real Estate”.

SRE has implemented the labour protection and occupational health system specified in the Labour Protection Law, observing the requirements provided in the Labour Law, the Labour Protection Law, as well as the related regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers. The system has been implemented in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system standards. Within the company, the identification of hazards, risk assessment and accident investigation are performed by a qualified labour protection specialist and, if necessary, the heads of structural units.

Work safety at construction objects

Construction is an industry with a high risk of accidents. Therefore, work safety requirements and the observance of them are very important. The purpose of SRE is to achieve a zero accident culture, that is, there should be no accidents on our construction sites. While taking care of work safety on construction sites, SRE carries out a set of several measures.

SRE employs a work safety specialist in construction. Before the start of work, the work safety specialist inspects the construction site, and regular visits to construction sites are carried out during the work.

The requirements set by SRE for builders are already included in construction procurements, because we often set specific demands for the requirements specified in addition to regulatory enactments, depending on the specific character of the object.

Before installing the construction site, we organise seminars for general contractors and subcontractors on labour protection requirements and the most frequently detected violations. We pay special attention, for example, to preventing the use of alcohol.

In addition, we place visual materials on work safety requirements on construction sites. Informative posters on work safety on construction sites are available for everyone to use. In 2020, we launched an information campaign on construction sites “Work safely. Someone waits for you at home!”

Work safety in objects transferred for management and administration

SRE pays great attention to the training of its employees, therefore managers and specialists of all levels are educated in work safety issues. Our managers are certified work safety specialists and regularly update their knowledge in the field of work safety.

We also train SRE tenants on how to act in emergency situations.

Work safety and occupational health

SRE provides its employees with a suitable workplace, technical equipment, personal protective means, as well as carries out regular training on work safety questions.

Once a year, SRE evaluates all work environment risks, develops a labour protection plan and presents the results to all employees. We also perform repeated instructions on work safety, electrical safety and fire safety once a year.

Already in 2019, the possibilities of remote work and flexible working hours were introduced. If the office employees work from home, we help to equip a workplace that meets the requirements of occupational health. We also pay a lot of attention to health support measures. SRE employees are assigned to mandatory health examinations in accordance with the assessment of the profession and work environment risks, may be reimbursed for vision correction products, as well as we organise joint classes and educate about healthy habits to improve physical and mental health.