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Construction project management

Quality and safety

Construction innovations

Financial efficiency

Professional construction project management includes all stages of construction, from evaluating the idea to handing over the keys to the customer. SRE specialists responsibly supervise the entire building construction process, from the identification and analysis of the customer's needs to the successfully completed construction works, as well as during the warranty period. The result of good project management is excellent quality construction work and efficient use of financial resources.

Service carts

Project Management

SRE specialists start every construction project by identifying and structuring the needs of the customer, providing a qualified valuation of the costs and opportunities to attract financing, as well as the expected duration of construction. We develop a construction proposal in accordance with the latest trends in the world and the customer's wishes, as well as provide competent advice, help to precisely formulate the design and construction tasks, as well as work with attracting financing. We ensure that the customer's wishes are observed during the development of the construction project, the project is realistically implemented, but after that - we professionally organise and supervise the construction works.

Attracting funding

For the implementation of construction projects, depending on the specifics of the specific object, we attract funds from SRE, the state budget or foreign financial instruments. We co-finance construction projects as a loan, using either our own or funds attracted by us for this purpose. In most cases, in such cases, the loan must be repaid in the long term; it is included in the rent paid by the customer for the use of the premises. An important source of financing is several foreign financial instruments: European Regional Development Fund; European territorial co-operation programmes. European Economic Area financial instrument; Internal Security Fund. On the other hand, if the implementation of the customer's construction plans is planned from the state budget of the respective sector, we consult and help to correctly create financing attraction documents.