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Real estate expropriation/sale

Understandable process

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Mutually beneficial cooperation

SRE transfers for alienation, real estate objects owned or managed by it, which are not necessary for the performance of public administration functions. Alienation of real estate takes place through electronic auctions.

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Alienation of state-owned real estate

In electronic auctions organised by SRE, both natural and legal persons may purchase real estate objects owned by the state, but not necessary for the performance of state administration functions, provided that it qualifies for the auction conditions.

Alienation of built-up state land

The state has delegated relationship maintenance to SRE, including the collection of rent from the owners of buildings located on state-owned land. Our goal is to achieve, as far as possible, a situation where the building and the specific plot of land belong to one owner. Therefore, we are negotiating with the building owners to agree on the alienation of the land.