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SJSC “State Real Estate” has developed and approved the “Internal Control System for Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest 2022 - 2024”.

If you have information or have a reasonable suspicion of corruption, fraud, conflict of interest or any other illegal activity involving the Company and its employees, please provide this information through one of the following means of communication:

  • By contacting the Ethics Commission of SJSC “State Real Estate” electronically:;
  • If you want to register the application as a whistleblower, please use the Whistleblower Report form, send it to or attach it to the contact form;
  • If you want to submit an anonymous report, please use the contact form (recipient:

SJSC “State Real Estate” guarantees the protection of the provided information and the rights of the whistleblower in accordance with the Whistleblowing Law and the company's internal regulatory enactments.