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SRE takes care to ensure that the company’s own and state-owned real estate throughout Latvia that is transferred to the company for management is maintained in proper order and leased at a price acceptable to the state and the customer. We do everything possible to find tenants for vacant premises and for our clients - mainly public sector organisations - to be satisfied with the services provided by SRE. The company employs professional customer managers and real estate managers who help tenants solve all current issues. Customers also have access to several remote communication channels.

Service carts

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Facility management

SRE manages the company’s own and state-owned real estate transferred to management, as well as joint properties, if any of the owners is SRE or the state. Our goal is to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective use of property. We perform both regular daily maintenance, including emergency repairs, as well as other tasks related to long-term management, such as technical inspections of buildings. If necessary, we attract maintenance specialists, as well as enter into agreements with service providers. A management plan is part of a lease or rental agreement that we enter into with a property user. Management fees are included in the lease/rental agreement. SRE also carries out the coordination of construction projects, including certification cards, technical schemes, explanatory notes, as well as the coordination of projects related to territory planning, advertising, signage, placement of other objects, as well as imposing restrictions on the right to use state real estate or encumbering such with property rights (easement determination).

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SRE deals with the leasing of the company’s own and state-owned real estate that is transferred to management - buildings, offices, trade and residential premises, land. Tenants are generally determined in a written or oral auction, and a lease agreement is concluded with the winner. In turn, state institutions or state capital companies, which have a specific object necessary for the performance of public functions, lease it from SRE without an auction. Announcements about the lease objects and the conditions of the lease agreement are published on the website, in the section Announcements. SRE performs further administration and control of the concluded lease agreements, including the calculation and collection of rent, other payments, as well as follows the timely payment of invoices. We do everything necessary for tenants to comply with the terms of the contract and fulfil their obligations. We also monitor and administer guarantees and other collateral issued by tenants.

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Environmental degradation object arrangement programmes

SRE works purposefully to arrange the properties transferred to the management of the company. Every year, according to the function delegated by the state, SRE takes over several dozen properties, which are often in very poor technical condition. These can be the buildings of educational institutions, the property of liquidated companies, ownerless property, belonging to the state, and so on. After evaluating the specific object, our specialists make a decision to demolish the building, thus opening new opportunities for development, alienate it, or reconstruct it. For this purpose, we also regularly implement programmes for the elimination of environmentally degrading objects, attracting external or internal financing. SRE also closely cooperates with the local governments in the territory of which these properties are located. Every year we manage to arrange about 20-30 properties.

Price list of services*

Service Price VAT excl., EUR
Establishment of an easement for SRE real estate 346,66  
Coordination of the construction plan documentation, which determines the encumbrance of  SRE property 162,02 
Assignment of a registered office 6,61

*Additionally the compensation specified in regulatory enactments shall be paid to the land owner for the restriction of the necessary land use rights.

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