About SJSC «State Real Estate»

To build to be proud. To honourably govern.

Currently SRE is implementing 34 significant development projects worth approximately EUR 154 million. The company provides a profession management and governance of real estates to around 450 addresses of the real estates, i.e. 1200 buildings with an area of 1,1 million m2, and more than 4000 landed properties with an area that is larger than 10 million m2.

The company was founded in 1996, its sole shareholder is the Ministry of Finance.

The company has three customer service centres in total - in Riga, Daugavpils and Liepaja.






MISSION: To be a caring manager that maintains and increases the value of the state real estates.

VISION: A smart environment for society and modern state administration.


Openness - Our business processes are transparent, we dynamically change to strengthen the future competitiveness in state, industry and company level. We openly find solutions to problems and explain them to the society. We are open to the initiatives from clients, society and employees.

Competence - We are experts and we share our knowledge. We offer smart solutions to our clients so they can accomplish their goals. We assume responsibility for our decisions and implementation of our objectives;

Cooperation - We develop long-term cooperation with our clients, society, and employees that is based on mutual respect, fulfilment of promises and openness between each other. We choose simple, understandable and easy methods of communication and cooperation.