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The aim of the project is to increase energy efficiency and improve energy management in the building of Staņislavs Broks Daugavpils Music Secondary School at Kandavas iela 2a, Daugavpils.

The building was insulated with external walls, roof, base and underground foundations, thermal insulation was improved and waterproofing was restored in the basement, the heating unit and heating system was modernised, the hot water supply system was rebuilt, ventilation system was renovated, a new rain gutter and rainwater collection system was built. The facade of the building has been restored, the glazed windows in the lobby and the worn-out exterior doors have been replaced.

The energy efficiency measures taken create a healthy, comfortable and safe environment for more than 450 school students, as well as about 150 teachers and technicians. The used heat energy will decrease significantly - not less than 30% per year (from the heat energy consumption calculated in the energy certificate of the building before project implementation); at the same time the heat supply in the school gym, lobby and concert hall will be arranged. Henceforth the building will be safe to operate. The visual view of the building has also been improved, thus having a positive impact on the environment.
During the implementation of the project, it can be seen that the interior of the school also requires the continuation of work, therefore SRE, together with the school representatives, agreed to carry out work for the creation of a more modern school interior. It is planned to invest about 95 thousand euros in the building of Staņislavs Broks Daugavpils Music Secondary School for the interior work, which will be covered from the school's funds. The renovation of the school is planned to be fully completed by 2022.

During the renovation of Staņislavs Broks Daugavpils Music Secondary School, the architecture of the building, which is a vivid example of modernism from the mid 20th century and the pearl of Soviet-era architecture, will be preserved, refreshed and restored. The new winds that came from Europe at the time, behind the “iron curtain” - the use of large glass showcases and other glass structures in architecture and building construction - were also used in the construction of our high school. Also noteworthy is the successful architectural solution of the training building and concert hall (which also served as a cinema hall). There are very few such examples of modernism in Latvia; I can mention the building of Emils Darzins Music School in Riga.

Aivars Broks,
Director of Stanislav Brock Daugavpils Music Secondary School

Project preparation
Construction project design
Construction works
Delivery to the customer

Project preparation
Construction project design
Construction works
Delivery to the customer

Project name and identification number:
Increasing energy efficiency in a building at Kandavas iela 2a, Daugavpils /

Objective of the project:
To promote the increase of energy efficiency at Staņislavs Broks Daugavpils Music Secondary School, Kandavas iela 2a, Daugavpils. By implementing the energy efficiency improvement activities envisaged in the project, an increase of energy efficiency and efficient energy management is promoted. The project will be implemented in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulation of 9 August 2016 No. 534 “Operational Program ”Growth and Employment”” the specific support objective 4.2.1 “To promote the increase of energy efficiency in public and residential buildings” Regulations for the Implementation of the First Round of Project Application Selection for Measure “Promote the Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings”.

Main activities of the project:
Renovation of building facades and insulation of external walls; insulation and finishing of the plinth and foundation below ground level; roof insulation; construction of new rain gutters and rainwater collection systems; replacement of glazed lobby windows; replacement of worn-out exterior doors of the building; improvement of basement thermal insulation and restoration of waterproofing; modernisation of the heating unit and heating system; reconstruction of hot water supply system; restoration of the ventilation system.

Project term and financing:
The term of the project is from 2018 to 2022, the total amount of the project is EUR 1 035 061 (ERDF 85%, state co-financing 15%).

Project benefits:
By carrying out the activities planned in the project, the building's thermal energy savings are improved, which after project implementation is planned to be not less than 30% of the annual calculated heat consumption calculated before project implementation based on the energy performance certificate, as well as the safe and energy efficient further operation of the building is ensured. After the implementation of the project, students and teachers of the educational institution will receive more comfortable working and learning environment conditions. After the implementation of the measures, the visual view of the building is improved, leaving a positive impact on the environment and local residents.

01.2019 The submitted Phase I implementation documentation has been accepted. Work continues on the development of a construction project in the minimum composition. The planned visual design of the building facade painting has been coordinated. Work continues on the development and coordination of the construction project in the minimum composition.

04.2019 Developed and coordinated construction project in the minimum composition. Building permit received with the design conditions included therein.

03.2019 Handover of the second stage of the construction project received and agreed; work on the development of the construction project in full is continuing. Procurement for project expertise announced.

06.2019 Contract for project expertise concluded. Project inspection started and adjustments made in the project in accordance with the instructions of the experts.

08.2019 Positive expert opinion on the construction project received. Project submitted to the construction board and a building permit received for construction work. Preparations for construction works, improvement of the construction site and deliveries of materials started.

11.2019 Construction works started: insulation of the building's courtyard facade, insulation of the gymnasium, insulation and finishing of the school building and gymnasium roof. Amendments to agreement No. LG1 with the CFCA on attracting additional funding for project implementation signed.

01.2020 Work continues on the facade and roof insulation of the school and gym. Reinforcement of the glazed facade supports and replacement and finishing works of showcase windows continues. Main entrance node door replaced.

12.2019 As a result of the price inquiry conducted on 14.06.2019 within the framework of general agreement No. IZD/2019-VV/1482, construction supervision contract No. IZD-VV_307 was concluded on 24.02.2020 for the contract price of EUR 8 198.00 without VAT with “Steelandglass” Ltd with a term of 24 months from the start of construction work.

Staņislavs Broks Daugavpils Music Secondary School is a third group public building, and its function is to provide quality cultural education to its students on the basis of the 9 June 2015 Cabinet Regulation No. 294 “Regulations on Latvian Construction Standard LBN 261-15“ Internal Electrical Installation of Buildings”” specified in Paragraph 44, a decision has been made to install a lightning protection system. 26.08.2020 At the meeting of the SRE council, consent has been given for concluding an agreement with “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” on additional work. 01.09.2020 Agreement on Amendments to Contract No. 7/2-2-18-8/1909.

Based on the letter of the Ministry of Culture of 03.03.2020 No. 2.6-1/400 SJSC “For State Real Estate” regarding measure “To promote the increase of energy efficiency in public buildings” first round project No. “Increasing energy efficiency at Kandavas iela 2a, Daugavpils” to attract additional funding in the amount of EUR 135 000.

09.2020 Amendment No. LG2 signed with the CFCA on attracting additional funding for the implementation of the project.

11.2020 Construction works change act No. 2 signed on 21.09.2018. Agreement No. 7/2-2-18-8/1909 with JSC “BŪVUZŅĒMĒJS RESTAURATORS”.

12.2020 Agreement on Amendments signed on 21.09.2018. In Agreement No. 7/2-2-18-8/1909 with JSC “BŪVUZŅĒMĒJS RESTAURATORS”.

12.2020 Temporary energy certificate of the Building updated and submitted to the BIS.

Construction works of the building completed and on 23.12.2020, enforcement documentation submitted to the SCCB for consideration.

In the next reporting period, it is planned to put the building into operation and prepare defect reports after construction works.

22.10.2021 a joint meeting took place at the Site (customer, contractor, author, construction supervisor, user and manager) to record the defects that were not eliminated in the energy efficiency project by JSC “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators”;

11.11.2021 a claim was sent to JSC “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” regarding the unresolved defects detected on 22.10.2021 for which the given repair period was until 30.11.2021;

16.12.2021 a letter from JSC “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” regarding the elimination of defects by 15 April 2022 was received.

21.01.2022 defect elimination works were started;

17.02.2022 a response was received from SIA “Sakret” regarding the need to meet in person in order to objectively assess the possible causes and offer the most appropriate and rational solutions for the prevention of defects;

11.03.2022 a meeting was held with the representative of SIA “Sakret” to assess the defects at the Site and on 17.03.2022 a statement was received regarding construction works and defects;

06.04.2022 the claim was sent to JSC “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators”.

Information updated: 06.04.2022