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The aim of the project is to increase energy efficiency and improve energy management in the Valmiera Drama Theatre building at Lāčplēša iela 4, Valmiera.

The roof and attic of the building will be insulated, base, external walls, existing wooden and PVC windows will be replaced, exterior doors, heating system will be improved, ventilation and cooling system will be created, lighting fixtures (including floodlights) will be replaced with energy efficient ones.

The energy efficiency measures taken will increase the level of comfort in the premises of Valmiera Drama Theatre. Employees of the Theatre will get a more comfortable and positive work environment, and spectators will find it more pleasant to attend the performances. The used heat energy will decrease significantly - by at least 49% per year, thus the theatre will be able to pay less for utilities (heat and electricity) and save financial resources. Residents of Valmiera and guests will get a modern and attractive environment.

The Valmiera Drama Theatre building is a valuable example of modern architecture and cultural-historical object of its time. The building was built in 1996 on the site of the former Latvian Society House according to the project of architects M. Ģelzis, O. Upaciere and J. Gusevs. It is a large modern brick wall building with two halls, a theatre museum, an art salon and a café.

It is a big challenge for Valmiera Theatre - to return to the reconstruction phase, at least in part. We hope that after the reconstruction, the theatre will be able to be proud of the fact that it has become more environmentally friendly, maintenance costs will be reduced and the interior will be more homely. Behind every novelty that has been announced is our hopes for Valmiera Theatre's ability to increase capacity and to work more efficiently, saving people's work and thinking about spectators and art, without spending as much time on everyday life as it does now.

Evita Ašeradena,
director of Valmiera Drama Theatre

Project preparation
Construction project design
Construction works
Commisioning of a building
Delivery to the customer

Project preparation
Construction project design
Construction works
Commisioning of a building
Delivery to the customer

Objective of the project:
To contribute to the increase of energy efficiency in the building at Lāčplēša iela 4, Valmiera, by implementing energy efficiency improvement activities. By implementing the activities envisaged in the project, the increase of energy efficiency of the building and more efficient energy management will be promoted.

The project will be implemented in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 13 of 4 January “Operational Programme “Growth and Employment””, Specific Support Objective 4.2.1 “To promote the increase of energy efficiency in public and residential buildings” Regulations for the Implementation of the Second Project Application Selection Round of Measure “To Promote Energy Efficiency Improvement in Public Buildings”.

Main activities of the project:
Attic and roof insulation, external wall insulation, plinth insulation; replacement of existing wooden and PVC windows and exterior doors; heating system improvement; creation of ventilation and cooling system, replacement of energy efficient lighting fixtures (including spotlights) etc.

Total planned costs of the project:
EUR 4,547,215 in funding under Activity, including EUR 3,865,183 provided from the European Regional Development Fund, and EUR 682,092, from the national budget. Additional national budget funds in the amount of EUR 3,347,992 were provided, and VDT covered EUR 7948, without VAT, of the costs.

Project identification number:

11/01/2019 Decision of the Central Finance and Contracts Agency received regarding the approval of project application No. “Increasing energy efficiency at Valmiera Drama Theatre, at Lāčplēša iela 4, Valmiera”.

03.01.2019 Open design competition No. VNĪ/2018/7/2-2/AK-64 “Construction project development and author supervision at the object at Lāčplēša iela 4, Valmiera” announced, within the framework of which 3 offers for design works were received.

12.02 and 26.02.2019 New stage spotlights have been delivered to Valmiera Drama Theatre, replacing them with the ones which served for more than 30 years, thus achieving at least a 50% reduction in electricity consumption.

16.05.2019 Results of the design procurement have been announced and on 23.05.2019, a complaint is received regarding the result of the design procurement.

19.07.2019 Decision of the Procurement Monitoring Bureau has been received, which prohibits concluding a contract with the winner of the procurement and the received tenders must be re-evaluated.

12.09.2019 Re-evaluated results of the design procurement announced.

28.10.2019 Design agreement concluded with SIA “SESTAIS STILS” and design works started.

24.02.2020 Sketches developed by “SESTAIS STILS” Ltd received, further performing design works for the implementation of measures to increase the energy efficiency of the theatre building and for the implementation of other necessary reconstruction works.

24.08.2020 Construction project “Valmiera Drama Theatre building energy efficiency improvement measures and reconstruction construction project” to the Valmiera City Construction Board in a minimum composition submitted.

02.11.2020 A supplementary agreement is concluded with SIA SESTAIS STILS for completing the current scope of design work.

25.05.2021 A procurement procedure is launched for the implementation of the ‘Design of energy efficiency improvement measures and reconstruction of the Valmiera Drama Theatre building’ construction design.

07.07.2021: 9 bids have been received for the construction, with financial offers ranging from EUR 6.56 million to EUR 8.48 million, without VAT.

27.07.2021: the procurement commission decides to award the construction contract to the SBSC general partnership, which made a financial offer of EUR 6 570 011.31 without VAT.

02.10.2021: the construction contract is signed with the SBSC general partnership.

02.11.2021: the construction starts at the site.

19.10.2022: a supplementary agreement on the termination of the contract is signed by VNĪ and the SBSC general partnership.

26.10.2022: the procurement commission decides to award a contract for urgent work to SIA AIMASA.

26.01.2023: a new procurement tender is announced.

21.03.2023. examination of the bids received.

16.05.2023. Emergency construction work has closed. A contract for the remaining construction works has been entered into, the object would be transferred to the construction contractor SIA “AIMASA”.Active construction works are underway.

27.11.2023 Construction works on the facade of the building have been completed.

27.11.2023 Construction works on the roof of the building have been completed.

27.11.2023 95% of the total volume of the building foundations have been insulated.

27.11.2023 The glazing works of the facades (of the new volume) have been completed.

27.11.2023 The assembly of the facade (lamellas) of the Black Box hall has been completed, the assembly of the cassette substructures of the facade (along Lāčplēša Street) continues.

27.11.2023 Interior works of the Black Box hall (assembly of acoustic panels) have been completed.

27.11.2023 45% of the assembly work on the building's new front door has been completed

27.11.2023 Engineering communications (internal) completed at 88%, (external) completed at 92%.

Project information updated: 27.11.2023