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The aim of the project is to increase energy efficiency and improve energy management in the Latvian Puppet Theatre building at Kr.Barona iela 14/16, Riga. At the same time, the aesthetic and technical condition of the building will be significantly improved; it will fit more organically into the urban environment.

Exterior walls, base, attic and roof of the building will be insulated, windows and wooden exterior doors will be replaced, the existing heating unit will be modernised, the heating system will be rebuilt and modernised, the existing ventilation system will be reconstructed.

The performed reconstruction works and energy efficiency measures will increase the level of comfort in the premises of the Latvian Puppet Theatre. Employees of the Theatre will get a more comfortable and positive work environment, and spectators will find it more pleasant to attend the performances. The used heat energy will decrease significantly - by at least 31% per year, thus the theatre will be able to pay less for utilities (heat and electricity) and save financial resources. In turn, all residents of Riga and guests of the city will get an arranged outdoor space.

The key to the success of the energy efficiency improvement project is a competent and interested team, which includes not only the customer, but also the User, which jointly creates an orderly environment for the youngest theatre lovers. Healthy environment - we are healthy, our way of thinking and our kids Finally, “freshness” will flow into the Latvian Puppet Theatre, which will definitely further promote the creativity of our artists.

Kristīne Guļko,
SRE real estate manager

Project preparation
Construction project design
Construction contract
Construction works
Delivery to the customer

Project preparation
Construction project design
Construction contract
Construction works
Delivery to the customer

Date of the announcement for the procurement of construction works: May 2021
Scheduled date of contract signing for the construction works: Jul 2021
Estimated duration of the construction works: 14 months


Project name and identification number:
Improving energy efficiency in a building at Krisjana Barona Street 16/18, Riga /

Objective of the project:
in accordance with Latvian National Development Plan 2014–2020 and Cabinet Regulation No. 13 of 4 January 2018 “Operational Programme “Growth and Employment”, the specific support objective 4.2.1 “To promote the increase of energy efficiency in public and residential buildings” implementing rules for the second round of selection of project applications for the measure “Promote energy efficiency improvement in public buildings” to promote energy efficiency improvement, smart energy management and the use of renewable energy resources, the project will achieve the set energy efficiency objective.

By carrying out the activities planned in the project, the level of comfort of the employees and visitors of State limited liability company “Latvian Puppet Theatre” will be improved, providing employees with a more positive work environment and visitors with a more pleasant leisure time when attending performances.

Main activities of the project:
insulation of the plinth, external walls, attic and roof; window replacement, wooden exterior door replacement; modernisation of the existing heating unit; reconstruction and modernisation of the heating system; reconstruction of the existing ventilation system and finishing works.

Estimated project budget:
EUR 3,677,255.12, with VAT

SAM European Regional Development Fund financing, EUR 742,793.75 (85%), and national budget co-financing, EUR 131,081.25 (15%).

National budget funding for high-readiness projects associated with the COVID-19 crisis and economic recovery (for 2021–2022): EUR 1,959,609.00 with VAT, including:

- 2021: EUR 125,907, with VAT;
- 2022: EUR 1,833,702, with VAT.

National budget funding via the Ministry of Culture (2021): EUR 60,000.00 with VAT.
Financing via appropriation procedure to cover VAT costs: EUR 173,445.00 (VAT only).
Financing from the proceeds of the sale of real estate in 2020: EUR 70,326.12 with VAT.
09.06.2021: the procurement for the construction is announced.
27.07.2021: the results of the construction procurement are confirmed. The contract is awarded to the ‘P un P’ consortium. Contract price for the construction: EUR 2,746,348.65 without VAT.
04.08.2021: a mark is placed in the building permit by the Riga City Construction Authority confirming compliance with the design conditions.
10.08.2021: contract amendments for extension of the project to 31.12.2023 are submitted to CFLA.
07.09.2021: Cabinet Order 625 on the award of additional national budget funding for unforeseen events. (EUR 125,907 in 2021 and EUR 1,833,702 in 2022).
27.09.2021: construction contract No IZD/2021/1646 is signed with the ‘P un P BŪVNIECĪBAS GRUPA’ general partnership.
28.09.2021: financing agreement No IEN/2021/1727 for the award of EUR 125,907 in 2021 is signed with the Ministry of Culture.

25.10.2021: an application regarding the fulfilment of the conditions for the construction is submitted to the Riga City Construction Authority.
03.11.2021: a mark is made in the building permit confirming the fulfilment of the conditions for the construction.
08.12.2021: an acceptance certificate is signed for the handover of the site to the construction contractor, the ‘P un P BŪVNIECĪBAS GRUPA’ general partnership.
20.01.2022: a financing agreement for the award of EUR 1,833,702 in funding for 2022 is signed with the Ministry of Culture.

20.05.2022: information about an increase in the cost of the work is received from the contractor.
Construction site set-up completed. Demolition: dismantling of roof bearing structures, external finish, floors, walls. Construction of a temporary roof. Reinforcement of load-bearing building structures. Construction of utility lines.

13.10.2022: amendments to the contract covering additional work are signed with contractor.
12.12.2022: amendments to the contract covering additional work and an extension of the construction to August 2023 are signed with the contractor.
Construction: demolition tasks completed, reinforcement of building structures in progress, construction initiated for indoor utilities, indoor finishing, insulation, installation of windows.

amendments signed to the contract with the Ministry of Culture covering additional funding for the construction of HVAC lines and equipment as part of the implementation of the project.

amendments 4 to the Contract are signed, providing for the compensation of the additional cost of the work, EUR 594,840.80 without VAT.

Current construction:  Installation of the electrical wiring; sheet metal work; installation of plasterboard partition walls; plastering of ceilings on floor 1 and 2; foundation waterproofing/remediation plastering; telecommunications; parapet frame construction on the roof; installation of the ventilation system; plastering and finishing of window openings; plastering of the ceiling on floor 2; TPO membrane installation on the roof; construction of lintels for individual openings; concreting of floors. 31.30% of the construction financing is used by 31.01.2023.

14.03.2023 decision No 22/8-1.6.1/515 of the Riga Regional Administration of the State Fire and Rescue Service on the approval of deviations from the building standard in the building at Krišjāņa Barona iela 16/18, Riga.