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Environmental policy

SRE has an Environmental Policy approved by the Board of the Company. It aims to purposefully reduce environmental pollution and resource use by ensuring that an appropriate and effective environmental management system is implemented and maintained in order to preserve a clean environment for future generations.

Basic principles of the environmental policy:

  • in making decisions, we undertake to consider the impact of the service and product on the environment during their life cycle;
  • we perform energy efficiency measures and regular monitoring of energy use with the aim to reduce energy consumption in the buildings of other users owned and managed by SRE, especially public administration institutions;
  • we perform regular monitoring of emissions and fuel consumption for road vehicles owned and managed by SRE;
  • we separate paper waste and hand it over for recycling;
  • We ensure the management of environmentally hazardous and harmful waste generated as a result of economic activities, such as used electrical goods, batteries, tyres, oils, etc., as well as to promote employee involvement and a responsible attitude towards the environment; we have established a collection point for used batteries, to ensure that used batteries are recycled properly;
  • we comply with the requirements of binding external regulatory enactments in the fields of environmental protection and energy management;
  • we reduce the number of objects degrading the environment;
  • we promote the inclusion of the basic principles of green procurement in procurement procedures;
  • we expect a similar approach to environmental protection from our suppliers and partners;
  • we educate employees on environmental protection issues, promoting their understanding and participation in environmental protection;
  • we are constantly striving to improve our environmental performance, for example by conducting regular analysis of our company's environmental performance to see if we are using energy and water efficiently, and whether measures to reduce waste and pollution are effective.