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Energy policy

SJSC “State Real Estate” has had an Energy Policy approved by the Board since 2016 and an energy management system has been implemented in accordance with the standard ISO 50001.

The aim of the energy management is to create a permanent and efficient system to ensure energy efficiency by improving energy efficiency and reducing consumption. It is systematic knowledge of energy consumption and an effort to reduce energy consumption by finding technically and cost-effective solutions.

Improving the level of energy efficiency reduces energy costs in the long run and reduces the environmental impact.

The compliance of the SRE energy management system with the requirements of ISO 50001 confirms the competence of SRE in energy efficiency management, which is essential for energy efficient and sustainable building management.

In achieving the objectives of the energy policy, SRE observes the following operating principles:

  • the amount of energy consumption and the structure of use in managed buildings are taken into account;
  • continuous improvements in energy performance (energy efficiency) are planned;
  • communication and resources are provided to achieve the goals and objectives;
  • the legal and other requirements that are binding to SRE regarding energy use, consumption and efficiency are complied with;
  • a competent energy management team that ensures the regular review and update of energy policy goals and objectives;
  • the purchase of energy efficient products and services is supported and plans for improving energy performance (energy efficiency) are developed;
  • documentation of energy policy and informing of SRE employees in accordance with the set goals is ensured.

More information on energy management is available in the Sustainability Report, under the section Energy Efficiency.