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The SRE launches a new border crossing point in Kundziņsala


The SJSC “State Real Estate” has started the implementation of the project for the development of control services infrastructure in Kundziņsala by announcing a tender for the design and construction of the project. The project will relocate existing services from 16 Uriekstes Street, Riga to 42 Uriekstes Street, Riga, relieving the capital's city center of truck traffic.  The infrastructure is planned to be built by mid-2026, says Renārs Griškevičs, the SRE Chairman of the Board.

The project "Establishment of infrastructure for the implementation of the functions of the control services in Kundziņsala" envisages the establishment of new, modern infrastructure for the implementation of the functions of the control services - State Revenue Service, State Border Guard and Food and Veterinary Service, as well as the relocation of the Riga Freeport customs control point from 16 Uriekstes Street to 42 Uriekstes Street, Riga, which will potentially reduce the negative impact of transport related to the Port of Riga on the traffic flow in the city of Riga and contribute to the development of the European transport network (TEN-T) infrastructure. The construction of a new RMS post will also improve the safety of staff and border crossers and speed up and simplify the customs clearance process.

Contractors are invited to find out more and apply for the tender by April 11 of this year here:

"The SRE actively continues its work on the modernization of border control posts. We are working to create modern working spaces for control services staff, which will speed up and improve customs processes and contribute to improving the urban environment. When implementing projects related to national security, we pay great attention to the needs of our clients, the sustainability of the solutions used in the implementation of the projects and the opportunity to improve the environment," says R. Griškevičs.

"Effective management of border crosser flows also at the EU's internal borders significantly strengthens a country's internal security. I would like to thank SJSC "State Real Estate" and our other cooperation partners for their significant support in the implementation of national security projects, as we are purposefully improving the services provided to the public, as well as contributing to the significant improvement of working conditions for border guards and other staff working at the facility," said Dimitrijs Trofimovs, the State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior.

The improvement of transport infrastructure and the provision of a new connection to Kundziņsala is an essential part of the Eastern Arterial Road, which is identified in the Riga City strategic documents. The project is also a closely related and logical continuation of the development solution of the project "Traffic overpass over the railway tracks "Riga-Skulte"" implemented by the Riga city and the project "Traffic overpass from Tvaika Street to Kundziņsala" implemented in the territory of the Freeport of Riga. The creation of a new, modern border crossing point (BCP) is necessary to ensure the availability of services provided by the control services and the implementation of control functions at the location where the most intensive cargo flows take place, while relieving congestion in the Riga city center.

The new infrastructure is planned to cover an area of 5.9 ha by autumn 2026, with work starting in 2023 with the development of a construction project. The funds for the implementation of the project will be raised through grant funding under the Latvian Recovery and Resilience Mechanism Plan and State Budget funding. The total funding currently committed is 39 million euro.