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SRE will modernise the management of all state real estate data. Users are invited to submit suggestions for improvements until 31 August


In 2023, SJSC “State Real Estate” (SRE) will modernise the State Real Estate Information System (SREIS). The real estate portfolio managed by SRE includes approximately 11% of the total area of buildings and structures owned by the state, while SREIS is a comprehensive database with information on all properties owned by the state and used for its purposes. Modernisation of the system at the national level will allow one to review the usefulness of property use, to see opportunities for more functional use, to optimise resources and strengthen the sustainable management of state real estate. Prior to the beginning of modernisation, SRE invites users – public administration institutions – to provide feedback on the experience of using the system and make proposals for improvements until 31 August, informs Renārs Griškevičs, Chairman of the Board of SRE.

SREIS, which is maintained by SRE, was developed in 2016 in accordance with Regulation No. 934 of the Cabinet of Ministers (“Regulations on the principles and procedures of state real estate management”) in order to collect information on a single platform on all state-owned properties, their users and tenants, including ministries, institutions under the supervision of ministries, educational institutions, part of the health care institutions, museums and other properties, and also contains information about national institutions that lease properties, such as office space, from municipalities or private individuals. The system is currently used by 172 public administration institutions and its main tasks are to ensure the input and accumulation of state real estate administration data, access to data and the ability to analyse all state real estate data in an assembled manner in order to be able to review the efficiency of property use and identify opportunities for the optimisation of resources.

Since the implementation of the system in 2016, it has not undergone significant improvements or modernisation works and is technically outdated, which makes it difficult to use and discourages users from regular and simple data entry. In addition, in December 2019, amendments to Regulation No. 934 of the Cabinet of Ministers were adopted, anticipating from 2021 to include additional information in the SREIS on real estate used by state institutions, as well as on revenues and expenses of state institutions related to the use of real estate or part of it. The adopted amendments have significantly changed and expanded the functionality and structural logic of SREIS, as well as increased the amount, type and range of users of the accumulated data; therefore, SREIS will modernise it in 2023.

“Efficient and sustainable management of state real estate is impossible without the digitisation and availability of comprehensive data. The modernisation of SREIS will provide the state with a modern tool of information interpreted in a uniform way regarding the management of all state-owned real estate. This will make it possible to analyse and evaluate the management and maintenance of state real estate in a more objective manner, by analysing data – to develop proposals for further action in the field of state real estate management and provision of state administrative institutions with appropriate premises, more functional use of properties, control of costs and optimisation of resources,” says R. Griškevičs.

Before starting the modernisation of the system, SRE in cooperation with “Ernst & Young Baltic” will organise in-depth user interviews and examine the exchange of experience of equivalent systems in foreign countries in order to develop the technical specification of procurement. SRE is already inviting the users of SREIS to actively participate in defining modernisation needs, sharing their opinion on the necessary improvements. SRE will appreciate the opinion of every user of the system about the solutions expected in the course of modernisation and invites SREIS users to express their opinion and be part of the modernisation of SREIS by sending an e-mail to SRE by 31 August! If you have any questions, please call 80002000.