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SRE invites contractors to cooperate in the renovation of Valmiera Drama Theatre


SJSC “State Real Estate” (SRE) invites contractors to apply for a procurement in a construction tender for increasing the energy efficiency of the building at Valmiera Drama Theatre at Lāčplēša iela 4, Valmiera. As a result of the project, the external appearance of the theatre will be restored, comfortable conditions for theatre staff and visitors will be created and 50% savings in heating energy consumption and costs will be achieved, informs Renārs Griškevičs, Chairman of the Board of SRE.

The renovation project of Valmiera Drama Theatre is planned to be implemented by late autumn of 2022. “The energy efficiency measures taken will increase the level of comfort in the premises. The staff of the theatre will receive a more modern work environment and it will be more pleasant for the spectators to attend the performances, as well as another hall will be built to enjoy the performances of the theatre. It will also be convenient for people with special needs. During the construction works, the foundations of the building will be strengthened in order to ensure the existing functionality of the theatre and improve the longevity of the building. In general, residents and guests of Valmiera will get a modern and attractive environment in the very centre of Valmiera,” R. Griškevičs points out.

During the construction works, exterior walls, roof and attic, base of the building will get insulated, existing wooden and PVC windows, exterior doors will be replaced, heating system will be improved, ventilation and cooling system will be established, fire safety inconsistencies will be eliminated, environmental accessibility will be ensured in accordance with the regulatory requirements, as well as replacement of the lighting devices with energy efficient ones will be carried out. At the same time, the basic structures of the building will be ensured, reinforced and built. Within the framework of the project, stage floodlights for the Large Hall of the theatre have already been purchased; it is planned to purchase stage chairs for the Large Hall and equipment for the newly built hall - sound and light equipment, as well as spectator podiums. The construction project for the renovation and energy efficiency works for the theatre has been developed by SIA “SESTAIS STILS”.

It is planned to implement the construction works in parallel with the partial operation of the theatre, providing spectators with the opportunity to attend performances in one of the halls - the Round Hall. The theatre has moved the rest of the performances to guest performances in Riga, Dailes Theatre, and in other halls throughout Latvia. “It is a great challenge and a test for Valmiera Theatre - to return to the reconstruction phase again, hoping that it will last the promised fourteen months, because the previous theatre reconstruction in cooperation with other contractors, instead of the promised 3 years, lasted for seventeen years. We rely on the experience and competence of SRE and hope that the best construction companies will apply for the implementation of this prestigious project, and that after this reconstruction the theatre will be proud to be more environmentally friendly, greener and the maintenance costs will reduce; spectators will also feel more comfortable in the interior of the theatre and we will have the best and most modern black box hall, which will allow us to attract new teams of professionals and, of course, spectators from all over Latvia. Behind every novelty that we get is our hopes for the ability of Valmiera Theatre to increase its capacity and work more efficiently, saving people's work and thinking only about its employees, spectators and art, without spending as much time on everyday issues as it does now,” the director of Valmiera Drama Theatre, Evita Ašeradena, points out.

Contractors interested in renovating the theatre are invited to apply for the procurement by 28 June. Application and more information about the procurement:

In order to achieve savings in heat and electricity costs in public sector buildings, as well as to improve the technical and aesthetic condition of buildings, in 2019 SRE attracted funding from the European Regional Development Fund for eleven energy efficiency improvement projects in public buildings - four of which are implemented in theatres: Valmiera Drama Theatre, New Riga Theatre, Latvian Puppet Theatre and Daile Theatre, two - in the buildings of the State Archives of Latvia - at Skandu iela in Riga and a project already completed in 2020 - Daugavpils branch of the State Archives of Latvia at Komandanta iela 9. In 2020, the energy performance of the building also improved at S. Broka Daugavpils Music Secondary School, the President's residence in Jūrmala and the new Prosecutor's office building at Aspazijas bulvāris 7 in Riga.

The Valmiera Drama Theatre building is named a valuable example of modern architecture and it is a cultural-historical object of its time. The main hall of the building - the Large Hall, was opened to the spectators at the end of 1996 on the site of the former Latvian Society building according to the project of architects M. Ģelzis, O. Upaciere and J. Gusevs as a large modern brick building with two halls, a theatre museum, art salon and a cafe. However, in general, the theatre building was only put into safe operation in December 2004.

Last year, 17 nationally significant development projects with a total budget of 29.5 million euros were completed under the leadership of SRE. In the conditions of the pandemic, respecting the precautionary and safety requirements, work on 43 different construction sites of national importance with a total project budget of 156 million euros continues under the leadership of SRE. The company provides professional real estate management and administration for approximately 450 real estate properties with 1400 buildings of 1.1 million square metres and more than 4000 land properties with an area of 10 million square metres. SRE was founded in 1996 and its sole (100%) shareholder is the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia.