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Roof reaches highest point in construction of LNOB scenery workshops and rehearsal hall complex


On 15 March 2023, "State Real Estate" (SRE) together with representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the Latvian National Opera and Ballet (LNOB), as well as the construction company "Velve", placed a crown of rafters in the choir of the new construction of the performing arts scenery workshops and rehearsal hall complex on 2 Meirānu Street, Riga, as a symbol of reaching the highest point of the new construction, informs the SRE Member of the Board Jeļena Gavrilova.

Reaching the highest point of the new building and raising the crown of rafters in the roof choir symbolizes the completion of the demolition of the old and the end of an important stage in the construction of the new constructions. Next, construction will be extensive and detailed.

"With the funding from the Ministry of Culture attracted from the European Union, we are creating a new cultural space in two neighbourhoods of Riga-Šķirotava and Pļavnieki at the same time. This cultural place will not only host the production processes typical of the industrialized Šķirotava, producing opera and ballet scenery, but more importantly - the artists will also perform for the audience when the rehearsal process is over," says the Minister of Culture Nauris Puntulis. "We will clean up the degraded territory, as it was at 2 Meirānu Street before the works started, and open it up first of all to the inhabitants of the already densely populated Pļavnieki, where there are not so many cultural places in the neighbourhood," emphasizes the Minister of Culture.

"Just like in Richard Wagner's The Wandering Dutchman, which launched the Latvian National Opera and Ballet's birth mother, the Latvian Opera company, the protagonist has always longed for stability, for a safe home in which to realize his dreams - the Latvian National Opera and Ballet is looking forward with longing and hope to the moment when it will be able to realize its plans on a new scale in the new scenery production and rehearsal hall complex", says Sandis Voldiņš, the LNOB Member of the Board.

"This is one of the three major cultural projects where we have the opportunity to renew the urban environment and give visitors and residents the chance to get to know it in a new way. This project provides new premises for the staff of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, and new opportunities for the residents and employees of the neighbourhood. We are proud to be part of environmental restoration projects that provide new opportunities for residents," says Jeļena Gavrilova, the SRE Member of the Board.

"The rafter festival is an important milestone for builders at any site, as it marks the end of an important construction phase. Using 180 tonnes of steel structures and 350 m3 of reinforced concrete, we have now completed the main building structures for the performing arts scenery workshops and rehearsal hall complex, as well as the scenery warehouse," says Jekaterina Griga, SIA “Velve” owner’s “MN Holding” Member of the Board.

So far, demolition works have been completed in the performing arts scenery and rehearsal hall complex, alterations to the storage buildings have started, the external utilities have been completed and construction of the structures for the properties storage shed has started. The 3336.2m2 performing arts scenery workshop and rehearsal hall complex has started to be fitted with wall panels and floor panels. Roofing and window installation will start shortly, as well as landscaping works. The project will end in early 2024.

According to the vision of Krasts architects, the project will include the construction of a 6201 m2 multifunctional complex and 8792 m2 of landscaped urban environment. The construction, revitalization and environmental improvement works are being carried out by SIA “Velve”.

The total cost of the works is around 11 million euro. The Ministry of Culture has attracted funding from the European Regional Development Fund for the development of the performing arts scenery workshop and rehearsal hall complex under the specific support objective 5.6.1. "Promoting the revitalization of Riga by ensuring the efficient socio-economic use of the territory" within the framework of more than 5 million euro and 5.1 million euro from the state budget, as well as co-financing of more than 800 000 euro.

Photos of the event are available here.