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Contractors are invited to apply for the 2nd stage of modernisation of the busiest Latvian-Russian border crossing point “Terehova”


Continuing the improvement of the infrastructure of the busiest Latvian-Russian border crossing point Terehova, SJSC State Real Estate (SRE) announces the Design and Construction procurement for the 2nd stage of modernisation, which envisages reconstruction of the main administrative building and construction of the bus passengers' hand luggage inspection terminal, which will significantly improve the comfort of customers and employees, ensuring modern conditions, informs Renārs Griškevičs, Chairman of the Board of SRE.

The implementation of the 2nd stage of modernisation of BCP “Terehova” is planned to start in the autumn of this year, envisaging ten months for the performance of design works and completion of construction works by the autumn of 2023. In the course of the works, the administrative building (1201.1 m2) built in 1997 will be renovated and rebuilt, adapting it to modern requirements, as well as an additional extension for checking the hand luggage of bus passengers in the area of 568.71 m2. At the moment, hand luggage of transit passengers is checked on the street. Contractors are invited to get acquainted with more information and apply for procurement by 2 September of this year, here:

Currently, BCP “Terehova” is actively continuing the 1st stage of the border crossing point development, which is planned to be completed by the end of 2021. In the course of the works, an in-depth customs control building was put into operation at the beginning of 2021, which allowed doubling of the inspection capacity, allowing the provision of an in-depth inspection of two freight vehicles and one passenger car at the same time using modern built-in equipment. Special equipment has been installed - hydraulic ramp and passenger car lift, automatic car tyre assembly equipment, scissor lift tables and mechanical lift loading ladders, which is good help for customs officers in identifying illegal goods and protecting the border of Latvia and the whole European Union. At the same time, a server room was built, which is the main brain for the continuous electronic communications and equipment necessary for efficient control procedures of border guards and customs officers, as well as new treatment facilities were installed, thus improving the environmental situation at the border. Currently, six control pavilions and canopies above them are being built.

Large-scale construction works - the 1st stage of the development modernisation project of the border crossing point “Terehova” has been taking place since 2019 and is concluded in several stages without interrupting the operation of the control services. The project is implemented within the framework of the project “Improvement of border crossing point Terehova- Burachki” co-financed by the Latvian-Russian cross-border cooperation programme for 2014-2020. The total amount of the project investment will be 8 213 147.78 euros without VAT. Project co-financing from the Latvian-Russian cross-border cooperation programme 2014–2020 is 3 220 000 euros excluding VAT.

Maintenance of objects important for the security of Latvia and the European Union and development of borders is one of the directions of SRE activity. In total, 17 million euros is currently being invested in the modernisation of the Latvia-Russia and Latvia-Belarus borders taking place under the management of SRE. As a result of these projects, by the beginning of 2022, comfortable and modern working conditions will be available to the staff of border control points, and the infrastructure necessary for border control and customs control will be improved, making the border crossing more efficient and faster.

Under the conditions of the pandemic, in accordance with the precautionary and safety requirements, work at 43 national construction sites with a total project budget of 156 million euros continues under the management of SRE. The company is one of 23 Latvian companies that have received the highest platinum award as part of the Sustainability Index of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, confirming the good governance and sustainability of its operations. SRE was founded in 1996 and its sole (100%) shareholder is the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia.