The complex of Museum depositories

The task of the emerging museum depository, unique in the Baltics, will be to ensure the Latvian National Museum of Art, National History Museum of Latvia, Literature and Music Museum and Riga Film Museum with appropriate premises for storage of cultural history collections, for suitable maintenance, as well as ensuring of clients with public premises (reading halls, exhibitions, etc.) which will render possibility to enrich the society intellectually and culturally.


As a result of the project a modern complex infrastructure of museum depositories will be created, which will ensure the storage, documentation and restoration of museum items as well as the usage of depositories for research both for museum employees and visitors. It is planned that the territory of the facilitated museum depositories will promote the development of Dzegužkalns neighbourhood.


The message of Dace Melbārde, "In the complex of museum depositories it is planned to place numerous and significant Latvian museum collections, in total more than 2 million storage units. It is one third of the values of all museums of Latvia. The complex of the depositories will make accessible the invisible part of national museum depositories, by allowing to use completely its potential, and will also give an opportunity to increase the visible part of depository in the museums. This voluminous work and elaboration of the depository is a huge step towards the preserving of the collections, ensuring their sustainability and evident benefit for accessibility of these materials."



Construction contractor
Pilnsabiedrība “RERE MEISTARI 1”

Project designer
SIA “Arhitektu birojs Krasts”

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Pulka iela 8, Rīga

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Construction project design
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Dec `19
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