Main Operation Directions of «State Real Estate»

Shareholders’ meeting and board consisting of five members are the administrative bodies of the capital company, and they manage, represent, and are responsible for the commercial activity of SRE.

Main operation directions of SRE are:

  • alienation of real estate,
  • leasing,
  • leasing and management,
  • development of new construction projects of national significance and implementation of various targeted real estate projects.

Furthermore, SRE carries out identification and legal registration of state real estate and represents the state`s interests regarding the real estate in possession of SRE in all public and municipal institutions.

In compliance with laws, SRE is commissioned to complete privatisation of urban built-up areas and alienation of the state real estate, as well as it performs commercial activity in the sector of state real estate management, renovation, and construction, while ensuring the compliance with and protection of interests of the state and society.

SRE profit consists of: 

  • renting, leasing, and alienation of real estate (buildings and/or land plots), 
  • management of real estate.