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BIM Competence Centre


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SJSC “State Real Estate” is the most active customer of construction projects in the public sector, therefore we are seriously working to promote the digitisation of construction in Latvia. We are convinced that building information modeling (BIM) is a prerequisite for the development of efficient and sustainable construction, which allows one to ensure high-quality and rational use of financial resources.

Within the company, we are rapidly digitising several processes and at the same time actively promoting the use of BIM in the public sector of Latvia.

We can already see how the use of technology improves cooperation between the customer, designers and builders, incl. allowing effective control of the work process and information exchange from design to the management of the finished building, as well as significantly reducing the risk of potential errors and additional costs. Expanding the range of digital tools, we have started using laser scanning - non-contact surveying, which allows one to quickly obtain a detailed three-dimensional representation of the object and the environment. This will allow the better documentation of, for example, architectural and cultural monuments.

Together with the Ministry of Economics and SIA “Latvijas valsts standarts”, a “road map” has been developed - guidelines for the use of BIM in construction orders. We are already requiring builders to use appropriate technologies in public procurements. A training programme has been set up to educate about the use of BIM other organisations working in the public sector.


BIM Projects 

SRE started practical implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in 2018. The first pilot project was the use of BIM elements in the reconstruction of the historic police building at Aspazijas bulvāris 7. In 2019, BIM requirements for construction procurement in the public sector of Latvia were developed. At the beginning of 2020, the implementation of the requirements developed by SRE was launched in the new construction procurements of the capital company.

In 2021, BIM components are used in more than ten projects, BIM models are being developed for the Concert Hall Lielā Ģilde, the Castel part of Riga Castle, the New Riga Theatre and the historic Gūtšmits House in Ventspils, modernisation of the Latvian-Russian border crossing point “Grebņeva” and elsewhere.

Renovated Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Latvia at Aspazijas bulvāris 7, Riga.

Thanks to constructive cooperation and the use of BIM technologies, the renovation of the building was completed four months ahead of schedule.