The restoration and reconstruction of Riga Castle convent

2nd round — the restoration and reconstruction of Riga Castle convent (castle) for the needs of National History Museum of Latvia (LNVM), making it accessible for public.


In Riga Castle restoration and rebuilding project the chapel and remter premises will be particularly emphasized, they are planned to be restored in their initial medieval form. The aim of the restoration is to preserve this monument for further generations with maximum volume of architectural elements and constructions.


"Riga Castle with its 500 years and more than 100 re-buildings is the history of Latvia. I will try to achieve such a solution that one can feel all these historical paths in these premises. That the room itself becomes "the time" — you see a fragment from 15th century, something form 16th century, also something from 17th, 18th and 20th century", says architect R. Liepiņš.

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Pilnsabiedrība “Rīgas Pils Kastelas projekts”

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Pils laukums 3, Rīga

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